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Platform Lifts

Our platform lifts offer wide ranging access solutions for persons
of impaired mobility and able bodied persons alike. These types of
lift are particularly suited for installation into existing buildings or
where space is limited.

Our extensive range of platform lifts are specifically designed and
tested to the most rigorous technical specifications and standards.
Our platform lift products fulfil a crucial market need, which often
cannot be met by conventional passenger lifts due to limited site
space constraints.


Dependable & Cost Effective

Our range of platform lifts offers designs to suit varying lift travel heights from 200 mm up to 13,000 mm, satisfying current legislation. Landmark Lifts is a BS EN 81 ISO 9001: 1994 Registered Company and our range of platform lifts have been type tested and risk assessed by an EEC registered notified body and therefore carry the essential CE marking. For potential purchasers who need to carry out work on occupied buildings or operate on tight budgets, our platform lift range offers significant installation and cost benefits compared to traditional lifts.

Features & Benefits

Attractive modular and flexible designs

Suitable for private, public or commercial environments

Economical purchase cost compared to traditional lifts

Minimal builders work, compared to traditional lifts

No separate lift shaft or machine room required

Many of our platform lift products do not require a pit

Can be DDA, Part M or Part S compliant solutions

Very easy to operate

Usually only a few days to install

Very low headroom / ceiling height required

Minimal maintenance required, reducing running cost


Please make use of our Free phone contact number: 0800 652 8138 for further help and advice.

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